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Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? (The Vampire Diaries 2.03, Bad Moon Rising)

In ‘Bad Moon Rising,’ the werewolves finally come out of the Mystic Falls closet, but their big teeth that are all the better to eat you with turn out to be less important than the ramifications of their existence in … Continue reading

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It’s A Brand New Night (The Vampire Diaries 2.02, Brave New World)

In ‘Brave New World,’ Caroline deals with a permanent change to her (after)life, as the episode around her reflects the slow shifting of the whole show from high school reality into supernatural metaphor.

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Doppelgangland (The Vampire Diaries 2.01, The Return)

Season two of The Vampire Diaries sets off with a whole lot of plot, as doppelganger hijinks ensue and the groundwork for a new season is set with a vengeance.

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The purpose of this blog is to provide me with a place in which to play with a pet project: namely, to attempt something along the lines of critical writing about a television show. I should preface this with a … Continue reading

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