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Won’t it be strange when we’re all fully grown? (The Vampire Diaries 2.15, The Dinner Party)

This week in Mystic Falls, maturity reigns. Just as well and wisely as you’d expect… Advertisements

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There’s no possible way to describe how you feel when you’re talking to your meal (The Vampire Diaries 2.13/2.14, Daddy Issues/Crying Wolf)

A lot happens in the space of two days and nights in Mystic Falls, doesn’t it? A special science-fiction (kinda) double feature here since I was too lazy to write up last week’s episode in a reasonable timespan.

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This bulkhead’s built of fallen brethren bones (The Vampire Diaries 2.12, The Descent)

This week in Mystic Falls (except it’s never a week, is it? Today in Mystic Falls…) lives are ruined, blood is shed, and there’s even an attempt to span years and continents in flashback form. You may judge for yourself … Continue reading

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Spoilt for Choice

As my first non Vampire Diaries tv post on this blog, I want to discuss something that I keep doing recently, and I wish I could give it up: reading pre-air spoilers or spoilery discussion for shows where I think … Continue reading

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A quick post to say that after a very small amount of consideration, I’ve decided to widen out the scope of this blog slightly to allow me to write about any tv show I feel like – it will no … Continue reading

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