A quick post to say that after a very small amount of consideration, I’ve decided to widen out the scope of this blog slightly to allow me to write about any tv show I feel like – it will no longer just be Vampire Diaries. This shouldn’t bother my one reader too much, and in any case I’m still only likely to write about shows which don’t get a whole lot of critical coverage (also known as my Shallow Shows).

The only reason for the change is that I felt like writing about a different show last week, but didn’t have anywhere to naturally house such a bit of writing now that I have pretty much given up my LJ and blogger sites. So I think I’ll just put everything tv-related here.

I’ll still be trying to review every Vampire Diaries episode, but with other shows it will be a case of writing something as and when I feel like it, I expect.


About Susannah

31-year-old who gave up her day job to go travelling for a few months, theoretically to help her work out what to do with her life. Amazingly enough, that seemed to work, and I am now back in the UK doing a PhD in a different field entirely. No longer posting regular travel blogs, because no longer travelling regularly. Boo.
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3 Responses to Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. cheeky says:

    Okay, your one reader is fine with that.

  2. cjsand says:

    “This shouldn’t bother my one reader too much,”

    Cute 🙂

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